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Sinbo Electric Steel Coffee Pot Turkish Coffee Maker Stainless Steel

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Capacity (Cup)

3-6 cups

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Sinbo SCM-2943 Turkish Coffee Machine Stainless Steel; It is specially designed to easily prepare Turkish coffee. Sinbo SCM-2943, which is very successful thanks to its specially adjusted heating speed, to achieve the taste of traditional Turkish coffee with the right consistency and plenty of foam; It makes it practical to prepare coffee in homes, crowded families, workplaces.

– Ideal for Turkish coffee

– Stainless steel body

– Stainless steel concealed resistance

– 0.4 Lt (400 ml) bowl capacity (5 -6 cups)

– On/off button with power lamp

– Double safety thermostat system against overheating

– 360 degree swivel cordless base

Sinbo SCM-2943 Turkish Coffee Machine Features

With its inox gray color, it adds a stylish and modern atmosphere to the decoration of your kitchen.
With its high quality stainless steel body, it has high material quality and is long-lasting.
It has the capacity to prepare up to 5 cups of Turkish coffee. Even on the most crowded days, it saves its users from the trouble of preparing coffee for a long time. There is no need to deal with multiple coffee pots.
It provides free use thanks to its wireless base and 360° rotatable structure. The body part of the machine can be removed as desired. Thus, there is no spillage while the coffee is placed in the cups. At the same time, the body can be easily washed.
Sinbo SCM-2943, which has a hidden stainless steel resistance, does not suffer from calcification problems. The fact that the resistance is in a hidden structure ensures that it does not need cleaning even when used for years.
It has a double safety system against overheating. In case it is left on, its thermostat is activated when it reaches 135°C and its thermal fuse is activated when it reaches 156°C. The coffee machine turns itself off even if the power switch is on and ensures the safety of its users.
Heating rate and power are adjusted in accordance with traditional methods. It guarantees the same depth and foamy traditional Turkish coffee flavor in every coffee.
Sinbo SCM-2943 Turkish Coffee Machine draws attention with its technical features.
Cup Capacity: 5
Color: Inox
Thermostat: Yes
Power: 1000W
Capacity: 0.4 L
Sinbo SCM-2943 is made of high quality stainless steel material. In addition, it comes to the fore with the safety of running out of water. The machine turns itself off in case of running out of water, thus ensuring the safety of its users.

It allows you to prepare up to 4-5 cups of coffee with its hopper capacity of 5 ml. It provides practical use thanks to its fast cooking feature and large reservoir. Thus, your coffees can be served to your guests warm and as they were first cooked.

The Sinbo Coffee Machine creates a dense foam while the coffees are being cooked. Since it creates a denser foam than the coffee pot, your coffees will be dense but softer and delicious.

The illuminated on/off button on it provides simple use. Sinbo Turkish Coffee Machine can be used in small offices and workplaces without a kitchen. The fact that it works only with electricity and is small allows you to carry the machine with you and enjoy the pleasure of coffee wherever you want.

Simple and Reliable Electric Operation

Sinbo SCM-2943 Electric Coffee Pot has a double safety system against overheating. It turns off automatically when the water in the machine runs out and in case of overheating. Therefore, it ensures safe use in case you forget the machine on.

Sinbo Turkish Coffee Machine has a high heating power with 1000 W power. Thanks to this feature, it facilitates the integration of sugar, coffee and water. Your coffees will have a balanced and intense flavor.

Convenient Large Reservoir and Long Cord

Sinbo Turkish Coffee Machine works with a large 400 ml bowl and electricity. The fact that it does not have a cover and additional materials makes the machine more useful. Since it is easy to use and carry, it will be with you in times of need and will cook fresh, foamy coffees.

Your Coffee is Ready with One Touch!

Sinbo SCM-2943 Electric Turkish Coffee Machine provides fast and practical use, ideal for hosting your guests or using in office environments. Putting your coffee as much as you want and adding sugar and cup-sized water to it; Then it will be enough to press the on/off button on the machine. Stirring your coffee thoroughly will increase the intense flavor you will get from the coffee. You can distribute the foam accumulated in the coffee machine to the cups at the rate you want and adjust the foam density according to your preference. Sinbo Turkish Coffee Machine will help you to host your crowded guests and will help you to catch the coffee flavor that will not be easily erased from the palate. The Turkish coffee machine, which you can carry to your office, allows you to take a sweet coffee break whenever you want.

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Plug Type

Capacity (Cup)

3-6 cups